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International Job Tips

Probably the most important part of looking for an international job is the actual interview itself. You can have the most stellar resume or CV to present to the potential employer, but, that only gets you in the door. You now have to look to the interview process now and this will either get you the job, or not.

Here are a set of 10 tips in finding the perfect job internationally:
  1. Develop a job search strategy

    This is the most important step in the entire process, as you need to develop a plan for finding employment, as if you do not take the time to complete this, you will only end up frustrated and tainted by the whole experience and miss potential opportunities. Things you can do to avoid this include:

    1. networking
    2. cold contact
    3. looking at corporate web sites
    4. international job sites
    5. foreign newspapers and trade journals
    6. recruiters
    7. job fairs

  2. Determine what type of jobs you really want to pursue and will have the best success in finding the position you have expertise in.
  3. Research potential jobs and the details of where the company is located, what the company does, etc. Put this in a spreadsheet format to cross-reference as you make decisions.
  4. Develop the language skills for both the country and the job itself.
  5. Prepare job search correspondence.
  6. Build up your network of contacts. This is essential when doing a global job search.
  7. Prepare for the global job interview itself. A global interview will be conducted on a different level where you may be first contacted by telephone, email or video-conferencing. The next step after that process is over and you've passed that part of the job interview, you will no doubt be flown over for the second phase of the position that will give you a more upfront introduction to the company and country in person.
  8. Follow-up on all job leads.
  9. Consider furthering any education you may have by attending graduate school to obtain your graduate degree.
  10. 10. When all is said and done and you have secured the position, you should then look at what process is involved in moving abroad.