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Cover Letters

Writing an effective cover letter is just as important as writing a stunning resume. Although it may seem that a standard cover letter would work for just about any job you would apply for, this is not always the case.

As a rule, a cover letter typically accompanies your resume that is sent out to every place you apply to. This cover letter will either entice the employer to look further to your resume, or, pass you over for another candidate. Take the time necessary to make that cover letter into an interview, or left in the pile of rejections.

There are three general types of cover letters:
  1. Application letter
  2. Prospecting letter
  3. Networking letter
The application letter is in response to a known job opening, the prospecting letter is for inquiries into possible jobs and, finally, the networking letter is requesting information or asking help in your job search.

When you are looking to send out your resume and cover letter, you need to ensure that the appropriate letter style is chosen and above all do not design a form letter type of cover letter. You know what happens to these types of cover letters and resumes? They end up in the junk mail pile and are generally discarded. The first impression is the most important as this is what the employer will think of you.

You have to impress upon the employer in about the span of 30 seconds as to why you are the best choice as a future employee. Compose your cover letter as you would your resume by ensuring all spelling and grammar mistakes are corrected.

The cover letter basically covers three areas:
  1. First paragraph is for the purpose of why you are writing
  2. Middle paragraph outlines what you have to offer the employer
  3. Concluding paragraph not only thanks the employer for his/her time but provides when and how you will follow-up
It is well worth either having someone read over the cover letter you design, or, if you feel your skills are not as good as they are for writing effective cover letters and resumes, employ a professional resume writer. You can always find a professional resume writer through freelancing services or writing companies that would charge you a fair price.

Much like discussed with writing a winning resume, you need to ensure that you print your cover letter also on good quality paper.