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Budgeting Moving Expenses

If you are simply moving down the street, or, moving across the country, it is important to look at the move itself and be prepared for one of the most patient times of your life. First thing to do after, if you are renting, notifying your landlord that you are moving, is to begin the process of planning your budget.

Spending Level

Look at how much you are comfortable with spending on your move. This level is entirely dominated by the distance you are travelling, the quantity of belongings that you have and when you plan your move. If you choose to move during the week, it is much cheaper to do so than on the weekends and the least expensive time of year to move is between October and April.

Saving Tips

To put it mildly, the more that you do yourself, the more money you will save on your move. For example, if you are willing to pack all your belongings yourself and load/unload the truck, you can hire movers that will simply drive the truck and the charge will be considerably less than if you went with a full-service mover. A full-service moving company is one that takes care of every detail.

Is Storage Included

In most instances, you will move directly from one residence right into the next residence, but there could also be a time between both that lags and you may require storage for your belongings. This should be budgeted into your moving plan. Also, check to see if you use a full-service mover to see if they include the storage costs into their price. If you are moving your belongings yourself these arrangements are required to be made well in advance.

Saving on Moving Supplies

There is a number of money saving tips when it comes to the actual supplies you will need:

  • Obtain moving boxes in the cheapest way possible. Start asking your supermarket for any extra large boxes they may have.
  • Instead of buying bubble wrap, crumple old newspapers, plain unused newsprint and use tissue paper for packing breakable items.
  • Shop around for the cheapest deals on packing tape and other moving supplies. Don't pay top dollar for these things; just find the most effective way to do it.
  • For self move - Use your own blankets instead of renting padding blankets for the truck rental company as this will save you a great deal of money.