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Moving Timetable - 6-8 Weeks before Moving Date

When we want to move from one location to another, it requires quite a bit of planning and hence, we need to be organized. It is essential to take out time for working on the moving details.
  • Communication with the movers for confirming the packing and moving schedule should be the topmost item on the checklist
  • Segregation of items - You should segregate the items
    • To be moved to the new house
    • To be disposed of before moving by:
      • Donating them to a charity - for this you should contact a local charity organisation beforehand for any procedures.
      • Organizing a garage sale - first you have to plan out the date and time schedule for the garage sale, as this should be done sufficiently in advance before the actual moving date. The sale should be advertised so that the neighborhood is well aware of the sale and maybe some other friends or neighbors can also join in and together organize a bigger and better sale.
  • Supplies: Well before you actually start the moving, you should stack up the moving and packing supplies that you need, especially if the packing of items is not within the purview of the packing companies. The packing supplies, which include boxes, can be bought at local stores, directly from the moving companies or even through online shopping. Directly buying from the moving companies is advantageous as they are better equipped to provide you with the special materials and boxes to protect your belongings and to properly pack them in suitable sized boxes so that the same can be easily loaded onto a moving van.
  • Placement: Once you have the new home layout, before the actual moving has started, you can plan out the actual placement of your belongings. Since this activity will be planned in advance, it will create less confusion on the actual moving day and save you a lot of trouble later on.
  • Familarising oneself with the new neighborhood is very important so that the important information is on your fingertips before you have actually moved. The information regarding the schools, community programs, parks, hospitals and other nearby programs should be available with you before the actual move takes place.
  • Travel Arrangements for the family should be made during this timeframe to avoid delays or unavailability later on. It will be wise to keep the travel plans a little flexible to avoid the delays.
  • Documentation
    • All the moving related expenses should be filed and placed in a designated moving folder. Since some of the moving expenses are tax deductible, you can get an IRS Change of Address form, Form 8822, by calling (800) 829-1040 or visiting the IRS website at website.
    • Medical records should be filed and placed in a designated folder that is kept safely. You should ensure that all the prescriptions and vaccination documents have been included.
    • All important documents relating to property and finance, such as wills, stock certificates, and etc should be properly filed in one folder which will be easily accessible.
  • Insurance: Your insurance agent should be contacted well in advance to transfer medical, property, fire, auto or other forms of insurance also which might have been availed by you.
  • You should ensure that you do not have any pending books from the library or anything kept borrowed from next-door neighbors.
  • Schools/Colleges: The educational institutions in the old and new location should be properly notified and the arrangement for the transfer of school records and registration should be carried out well in advance.