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Create Successfull Garage Sale

One of the most important ways to ensure you have a successful garage sale before moving is to plan it well in advance. This means to look at which day and time best suits your situation and work from there. The worst plan is a hasty plan. You also need to ensure that you can devote all the time you've set aside for the garage sale to the actual sale. This means, no deciding at 11:00 a.m. that you need to go to the neighbours for something while your sale is running from 9:00 am to 2:00 p.m.

You need to then look at exactly what you intend to sell and if you wish to make it more of a community garage sale where everyone put what they want to sell at one person's house. It is also important for you to have something in the sale that will draw in the crowds. For example, you could incorporate a bake sale into the garage sale so that you can make extra money and have more lookers. Nothing draws in a crowd than cookies and muffins!

The third step in the process of a successful garage sale is in making sure you have plenty of change, more of it than paper money, as most people that go to a garage sale haggle and you end up selling more items for small amounts of change. Keep lots of it handy.

The fourth step is to look at the best ways to advertise for the littlest outlay of money. Look to your community supermarket, a mailbox, or newspaper as ways to advertise the sale. If it is a community sale, perhaps have kids in the area or other parents pitch in to cover advertising costs.

After satisfying those initial requirements for a successful and stress-free garage sale, think about what you are getting into. A garage sale is a lot of hard work in the beginning stages, but, what you get in return is worth it in the end. You not only get rid of household items that you simply will never use, or perhaps you bought something one day on a whim only to find out it doesn't fit in with your decor or in your house at all. The best selling items can be those you thought no one would want. That old patio set which you think is ready for the garbage heap may have a part in it that someone else cannot find to fit their exact same patio set.

No matter what kind of sale it is advertised as, if you don't put in the initial effort and keep with the process until completion, you could find you actually had a hidden GOLDMINE in your house.

There are many types of articles for people who are either serious collectors of things that can't be found elsewhere anymore and the ones who are out looking for a deal or adding to their own collection of things they sell for a higher profit in their own sales. These are generally those that run flea markets and look to find a bargain for 25 cents and turn around and sell it at a a30% mark-up.

Many people have their reasons for going to a garage sale. One such group of people are those who look for antiques. It is important that you fully describe your antique so that the person who is looking for that hidden Rembrandt painting knows they are getting what they are looking for. It really doesn't matter what shape or condition the antique is in, it is always a huge seller.

There are times of the year when garage sales go over much better than during other times of the year. For instance, a spring garage sale is perfect to get rid of all the things lying in the basement and many people capitalize on that as they will generally find the best types of things, like used toys and children's clothing that has been put away and doesn't fit little Timmy or Betsy anymore. This is the perfect time for parents who are looking to outfit their growing children without spending a great deal of money. Look for such things to sell as used luggage in the springtime for those who are just planning their late spring or summer vacation. Selling other articles just at the right time of season will bring in the customers.

Other hot items include bottles of every size, shape and colour like old medicine bottles, Mrs. Butterworth bottles and little miniature bottles. Basically anything that has a collector's feel to it. More items that are consistently in demand include baseball cards, hockey cards, camping gear, tools, coins, old books and comic books (the older the better), dishes, lawn mowers, coins, old wind-up watches and jewelry.

For the little girls in the family, doll clothing and accessories (especially the Ken and Barbie variety) such as the little houses and cars never lose their value. Toys are also a big hit and the toys that were once the hot thing last season and couldn't be found and will not be re-released are in big demand, especially if you have it! There is yet a mom to turn down a little child that really wants a doll or toy that is, of course, cheaper than buying new at the store.

There is always a demand for homemade items and if any items that you find that you want to sell are in need of repair, find someone (or yourself) who can sew to do a quick mend to these items and make them look as good as new.

Another great idea is in selling any fresh produce you have overflowing in your garden, or fresh cut flowers. You can find that many people who come to garage sales will be pleasantly surprised when they get the unexpected.

It is also important to put a little sales spin to items you want to sell, like hanging up a clothes line to display the wide variety of items you have and will also ensure that items are not missed. Don't be shy when looking to display these items as this is always a great demand item. Children's clothes are especially a large seller as no parent can turn down the chance to spend as little as possible on clothes that children seem to constantly grow out of. If you have your garage sale during the late summer time, display back-to-school clothing.

One of the failures of a garage sale is the lack of planning on how to display items. Set up card tables, lay a large board across two chairs to construct a large display table. Display fine china in a curio cabinet that you have for sale so they can see exactly how it could look in their own home. An even better idea is to put any china that you have for sale inside the curio cabinet.

People are always bargain hunting and you need to be aware of that and adjust your pricing for items accordingly. Remember to not pass up a deal even though in your mind it is not the price you want to let it go at.

Always price your merchandise and make sure it is clearly marked on price tags. Don't leave a lot of unanswered questions with your customers. If you are having the sale with multiple families, make sure to mark the price tags with a system to identify who is the owner and the price. For instance, you could mark an item that Mark is selling for 25 cents as M25 and so on.

As people buy your merchandise, carefully remove and store all of the tags from the sold items on a page or some other record keeping method you have for the sale so that you may give the appropriate owners of the items their sale proceeds.

If you are selling any electronics or electrical items like an old toaster, blender, hair dryers and so on, you want to ensure you have an electrical outlet nearby so that you can test any of these types of items prior to making a sale to a customer. This allows you to demonstrate to people that the item is in good working order.

If you are selling any breakable or fragile items that could possibly be knocked over by passing customers or children, put them up high out of the way and on a sturdy table. Better yet, put them in that curio cabinet mentioned earlier so they can see how magnificent these items look on display.

Put the same items that you have a large quantity in lots of, for instance, six or twelve as all for one price, as opposed to individually pricing them. Put the same type of books, magazines and records together as one bundle also instead of individually pricing them. They will sell much quicker.

A few good pointers to ensure a lot of people come visit your garage sale is by advertising in the newspaper. If you choose to only run it on one day and your sale is on Saturday, advertise this on a Thursday and, if your newspaper has it, in a section dedicated to garage sale listings.

When you do place advertisements in the newspaper, local stores, or anywhere, you need to be 100% prepared for every person that will visit your sale, including those who are the early birds who will show up way before anyone else does and that may mean just as you are putting up the tables to display your showcase. These are the true die-hards of garage sales customers. It is also important to put up lawn signs or any type of sign to guide people along to your garage sale. Put these signs out the night before your sale as people will drive by and see the sign who may not have seen any advertisements. Another untapped garage sale market.

The best times to actually put on a garage sale is going into the weekend days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You will find Sunday a large waste of time and energy as most people do other things on those days that they couldn't do on other days and many people are at Sunday services during what would be considered peak hours.

By the end of the day you will find you've come across a lot of nice people and some that aren't so nice, but, the majority of people who attend these types of sales are of the nice variety. If you still have interest in objects after the garage sale has ended, advise your customers and have them for a future sale.

No matter what kind of sale you have had, successful or otherwise, you will have made some extra money, made new friends and will, of course, be VERY tired. But a successful day all around!

Enjoy your selling day and good luck. Above all, have FUN!