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Moving Toward Retirement

They are often called "empty nesters" but generally they might be better labeled as older adults than anything else. They haven't had kids at home for some time and they are almost but not quite ready for retirement, although they can see it coming. So, when retirement does appear likely moving toward a new set of needs becomes a serious consideration. Reflection may be nice for awhile but with people living longer these days new needs could be almost anything except for those pesky few things nobody wants to talk about. Generally, a few of the ideas that people migrate toward include:
  • Moving to a new location
  • Grandchildren
  • Relaxation
  • Transportation
  • Health care
  • New things
Moving to a new location

In addition to living longer we have become a very mobile society. Moving companies' line up around the country to easily get our belongings were they need to be. Unfortunately, the parents are often the ones left behind. Moving to one or another child's home region wasn't an option when working but now it is. They too can now have an active role in movers selections.


Moving to be closer to children and grandchildren is an often sited reason for older adults to move. The only difficult part is to decide where to move if there are multiple grandchildren or families. In some cases a little distance is not such a bad thing and the people involved can use the health and amenity issues they face to cast the deciding vote on moving concerns.


Movers often find that older adults are still "ready to go" in the activities scene. Golf, swimming or hiking get these people on the go. As such they tend to take family local second by moving to a local that is centrally located to the families with abundant activities. With option of pet moving the move becomes easier.


Unfortunately, moving into this stage of life does need to account for the frailties of life and long term planning. With all the activities that people follow eventually mobility becomes a consideration. Moving to a new local that has solid public transportation and easy access to it needs to be thought of when movers come to your door. If you have taken all those house factors into consideration using some equity in this area may be a real payoff when the movers leave.

Health care

Depending upon your current health situation being located near a solid health structure is a consideration. If there is a unique issue sometimes moving closer to a specialty hospital or region is the way to go. If costs are likely to be an issue there is the possibility of deductable home ownership to consider. With healthcare costs always on the rise this may be an option when moving to regions that can have higher costs.

Although this time of life offers great latitude in the moving choices that we make there are concerns for the long term that need to be thought out. Whether they become leading issues or secondary concerns is the choice. Not feeling confined is the goal with the ability to be free and mobile the end need.