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Shipping to Saudi Arabia

Shipping to Saudi Arabia can be very tricky. Saudi Arabia has many laws concerning trade that nations to the West just don't have and sometimes don't understand. It is very important when shipping to Saudi Arabia to remember this and to respect their laws. The nation is governed by Islamic law, called Shariah, and there are bans on things that are against the Islamic religion. These laws have to be obeyed in order to participate in shipping to Saudi Arabia.

Shipping boxes to any part of the world can be very unnerving, especially when it's to a country like Saudi Arabia that is governed by religious law. Simply make sure that all your paperwork is in order and that you follow their procedures and you won't have trouble shipping to Saudi Arabia. Rules about shipping to Saudi Arabia are extremely strict, so make sure you fully understand what is required.

To ship to Saudi Arabia, you must have an Importer Code number. You can get these numbers when you register as a trader at the local Chamber of Commerce. You cannot ship items that are against Islamic law - any toys that could be considered an idol, guns or any parts of guns, and any religious materials that is not Islamic. This is not a complete list and customs officials are very strict in enforcing these laws. All items are subject to an investigation and everything must state the country of origin. Products from the U.S. that are not made in the U.S. must state the country they were originally made in, for example. This will help to decide tariffs and other fees. Also, keep in mind that items such as books or videos will be checked to ensure they comply with Islamic law.

Do your research to find a good international moving company who can help you to understand the rules about shipping to nations like Saudi Arabia. A good company can schedule the picking up and delivery of your products and help you make sure all the paperwork, customs forms, and fees are taken care of. Some of these companies can even handle the customs forms for you and they are trained to make sure your products are accepted. If you choose a reputable company, then they have a reputation to keep and you'll know you're getting the best service. There are companies who will even pack your shipments for you to ensure that they comply with the rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia.

You can find all that you need to know online about making shipments to Saudi Arabia. Many of the international moving companies will answer any questions you may have, even if you decide not to use the company. It's important to understand fully the rules so that you don't end up losing money because customs officials will abandon shipments if they are not properly documented and have been there for 30 days, sooner if there isn't warehouse space available. Once you understand the rules and have a good shipping company, you'll be able to ship to Saudi Arabia with little trouble and have a well-respected trading partner.