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Shipping to Netherlands

With the nation's economy in shambles, many Americans are trying to find employment anywhere they can. Increasing numbers of United States citizens are leaving the country for employment overseas. They find people to rent their homes, pack up their things, and see if life in another country will be more economically stable. While most people know the Netherlands for their tulips, windmills, and clogs, Netherlands is also becoming well known for having a stable economy. Its geographical location is a prime place for European exports, and it is becoming more of an economic powerhouse.

If you are trying to proper from the stable economy of the Netherlands and have found a job there, you may be trying to figure out how to move your things there. With some research, planning, and organization, you can have a very successful relocation to the Netherlands. Follow these few tips and you will have a head start.

Shipping to Netherlands Tip #1: Decide what you need to take with you. Figure out what can be purchased in the Netherlands, and what you need to ship. Just as with shipping boxes to Europe, shipping crates of household goods to the Netherlands can be costly. Shipments are less costly when you have less weight. Keep in mind that it may be fairly simple to rent furniture once you are in the Netherlands.

Shipping to Netherlands Tip #2: Hire an international shipping company. These companies can be very helpful in providing a successful move. They will provide an international moving guide and a moving check list. They will also get your household goods from the port of exit to the Netherlands and will assist you with all of the necessary paperwork to get your items released from customs. Interview at least three companies. Check their references, ask them for documentation proving their experience. You must hire a company who has moved people to the Netherlands many times. And inexperienced moving company is not going to be much help if there is a problem once the shipment arrives in country.

Shipping to Netherlands Tip #3: Figure out who is going to help you once you are in the Netherlands. Some international shipping companies will get your things from customs to your new home, but you have to verify that your company offers this service. It may even be less expensive to hire an independent mover once you are in the Netherlands.

Shipping to Netherlands Tip #4: Pack well. Packing your household goods efficiently is another key to having a successful move. Less weight and smaller dimensions of containers being shipped will give you a less expensive shipping price tag. Remember to put small things inside of larger items when packing. This saves on wasted space inside of shipping containers.