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Shipping to Kenya

Kenya, located on the western coast of Africa, is a gorgeous country. Rich in heritage and history, Kenya has a lot to offer. Kenyans welcome visitors and westerners working at the universities in Kenya is a common occurrence. Perhaps you are one of those people considering work there. If so, you may be researching how to ship your vehicle, furniture and other household goods there. This research should involve reading an international moving guide and educating yourself on the specific regulations for living in the specific city or area of Kenya. As you do that research, keep in mind the shipping to Kenya tips that follow.

Shipping to Kenya Tip #1: Create a moving check list. As you are conducting your research, make a list of the regulations for shipping to Kenya. International moving is the same but different to moving within your home country, and you must educate yourself on those differences. Making a shipping check list will help keep track of the things you need to do as you get ready to ship your household items.

Shipping to Kenya Tip #2: Determine what it is that you need to ship. Kenya is different from western countries, so you may not be able to find certain things you are used to having there. Figure out what the household items are that you cannot live without and then make a master inventory list of what you think you will be shipping there. Kenya does allow first time residents to ship household goods without having to pay a duty on those goods.

Shipping to Kenya Tip #3: Decide if you need to ship your car to Kenya. There are many regulations surrounding vehicles in Kenya. There are quite a few documents required for importing a vehicle, so make sure that you have your paperwork in order. Additionally, the vehicle needs to be more than three months old and it cannot be sold within the first year of living in Kenya.

Shipping to Kenya Tip #4: Research international moving companies familiar with shipping household items to Kenya. You will need to hire an international moving company, but you must use a company that has experience in Kenya. Find a company that will be able to help you move your items once you arrive in Kenya. Get references from the company and contact those referrals to make sure that the company consistently provides good service.

Shipping to Kenya Tip #5: Decide how your items are going to be packed. Many moving companies will pack for you for a fee. Often, this fee is high, and packing yourself will provide a significant cost savings, even if you have to purchase your own packing materials.