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Shipping to Honduras

If you are considering a move to Honduras for retirement, you may be assuming that it will be an overwhelming feat. It is actually fairly easy to move to Honduras, and with its spectacular beauty and recreational availability, it may be the perfect place to spend those golden years. The vicinity to the United States makes shipping to Honduras cost effective and makes visiting loved ones in America affordable as well. Even though it is not all that complicated, there are some things to keep in mind when shipping to Honduras so that your move will be successful.

Shipping to Honduras Tip #1: Get cost estimates from shipping companies. The Honduran government makes it financially affordable to move there, as it is sometimes possible for you to move household goods into the country without having to pay an entry tax on the goods.

Shipping to Honduras Tip #2: Determine what your residency status will be. The Honduran government gives residency to people who are retiring, people who are starting a business there, and individuals who have income from outside the country. Once you know what your residency status will be, you can get a better estimate of what moving costs will be.

Shipping to Honduras Tip #3: Find an international moving company with experience in shipping household goods to Honduras. This is one of the most important steps you can take in preparing to move there. You need to choose a moving company that has moved goods there many times. Make sure you get references and an international moving guide from all of the companies you are considering. You can even give them a moving company quiz to make sure that they are the right company for you to use.

Shipping to Honduras Tip #4: Determine what items you will be shipping to Honduras. This is of utmost importance when preparing to move household goods overseas. Check to see which items can be purchased in Honduras and compare that to the cost of shipping similar items that you own. Once you know what needs to be moved, you can calculate the cost with the assistance of your moving company.

Shipping to Honduras Tip #5: Prepare items to be shipped. If you are shipping a car, make sure that all paperwork is in order and that all valuable have been removed from the car. If shipping furniture and other household goods make sure every single item is labeled according to the moving company's guidelines.

Shipping to Honduras Tip #6: Hire a reputable lawyer in Honduras. This is a prudent thing to do in order to ensure you are completing your move in accordance with Honduran regulations. Do not depend solely on the Internet for your legal information.