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Shipping Cost to Canada

The shipping cost to Canada can vary based on many things. Shipping boxes to Canada doesn't have to become extremely expensive. You should understand what is required to ship to Canada and this will help you keep your shipping cost to Canada at a minimum. Canadians are required to pay customs brokers, taxes, and duties. As the shipper, you can absorb the cost of this into your shipping charges. The buyer still pays for all the fees, but they pay upfront. To keep your shipping cost to Canada low, you can require that the buyer pay the fees, such as the broker fee, at the border. Just make sure they understand they have to pay it before they will receive their package. They would receive an invoice about the amount owed.


Duties are fees paid on manufactured items. Canadians don't normally have to pay duties on items from the United States or Mexico. This is thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). However, if an item was shipped to the U.S. from another country, then shipped to Canada, there will be a duty fee. Make sure customers know the country of origin if they are ordering from you and the item isn't made in the U.S. or Mexico. You can add the duty to your shipping costs, or they can pay when it gets to the border.


Taxes are a big part of the shipping cost to Canada. Almost everything is subject to a 5% tax. Prescription drugs are some of the few things that are not subject to this tax. This is a federal tax and there is no way around it. Sales tax will also have to be paid when you ship to Canada. These taxes vary depending on the province the item is being shipped to. If your item is being shipped to provinces with a Harmonized Sales Tax, such as Nova Scotia, then the customer won't have to worry about paying separate taxes and would be charged a flat 13% rate.

Customs Brokers

Customs brokers fees are some of the hidden costs of moving any product across the Canadian border. Customs brokers are people who get the products through customs. They handle all the forms and documentation. In Canada, the fees start at $5.00 (in U.S. currency) and then go up depending on what service is used to deliver the packages. These fees catch many people by surprise. To help keep your shipping cost to Canada low, you can have your customer pay the brokers fees when the package arrives. There are a lot of shipping companies that include this fee in their shipping costs, and many customers enjoy that service because then once the package is ordered, they don't have to worry about it until it arrives at their door.