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Shipping to Bulgaria

People relocate all over the world for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they are moving closer to family. Other times, they are moving for work reasons or simply for a change of scenery. Bulgaria is an Eastern European nation that some people wish to move to. Shipping to Bulgaria doesn't have to be difficult, and there are ways that will make the picking up and delivery of your belongings easy and stress free.

International Moving - The Same, But Different

Moving internationally is done much the same way as moving from one state to another or even just one town to another. The difference is that you cross borders and have to fill out forms for all your belongings. Most of the time, private belongings can cross borders with no problem, especially if the people they belong to are going to be living there. Be aware though that when shipping to Bulgaria, certain items are not allowed. For example, if you have jewelry made of gold or silver or that has precious stones, you cannot ship it to a friend in Bulgaria to hold for you until you get there. A good moving company can help you with customs requirements.

Shipping to Bulgaria is like moving to another state in that you need to find a good shipping company. A reputable company will tell you all the shipping charges and the various ways to ship your belongings to Bulgaria. You can ship your belongings via sea or air. If you want to ship your car for example, you would use sea transport. Everything else can be shipped either way. Prices vary from company to company and from method to method, so make sure to do your research so you can find the cheapest solution for you.

Some shipping companies offer a full service package. These companies will pick your belongings up for you and deliver them to your new home in Bulgaria. Some even offer packages where you can buy different sized boxes depending on your needs. You can find packages that range from a full house to a studio apartment. You'll get all the boxes you need, and if you want, the company will come out and even pack you things for you before they ship them for you. You'll save a lot of money if you choose to pack things yourself. Be sure to check with the moving company for what kinds of boxes are allowed when shipping to Bulgaria because most countries won't allow you to use boxes that have other labels on them.

When shipping to Bulgaria make sure you pack everything correctly. For example, do not go overboard with packing material because you will weigh the package down and end up paying more in shipping costs. Pack smaller items into hollow ones to save on space and it will also help to protect your belongings. Use strong tape, clear markings, and if you want, a moving company that will handle customs for you and you'll make the transition to Bulgaria easily.