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Shipping to Afghanistan

Shipping to Afghanistan can be a tricky process. Afghanistan is an Islamic nation, and the religion of Islam forbids many things that other religions and countries find to be common, every day things. Before shipping to Afghanistan, make sure that you go online and find information about what products are allowed and what are not under Afghanistan laws. Customs officials have the right to inspect any and all packages and will detain those they deem to be against the rules. Certain CDs, artwork, and books are not allowed to be shipped to Afghanistan, even if they are sent as a gift.

If it's products you are shipping to Afghanistan, there are lots of companies who have both air and sea routes available. Make sure that you package your products properly, since this will help to save you money. Don't add more packing material than you absolutely need or your package will weigh more and you'll incur more charges. Any shipment that is valued at more than 100 U.S. dollars will incur taxes, whether or not it is a commercial shipment. Check and see what customs forms and procedures you have to follow. You can find this information online, or by calling a local company who does international delivery. Afghanistan, like all countries, desires trade with many different nations. If a customer orders your product in Afghanistan, make sure you fill their orders early because it can take up to three weeks for products to arrive in Afghanistan, longer if there is a customs hold up. Shipping boxes to any part of the world can be a daunting task, but choose a reputable shipping company and you'll find it a lot easier than you thought.

If you are shipping to Afghanistan and the item you are sending is not to a gift to a soldier, diplomat, or UN staff, you will have to pay taxes on the package. If you are sending just a document, you don't have to worry about invoices, just the proper customs forms. However, if you are sending anything other than a document, you will have to have an invoice and two copies. When you choose a moving company to ship your products, be sure to give them a moving company quiz. This will allow you to be able to tell if they are just right for you. Some moving companies will take care of customs forms and fees for you, which will be included in their shipping price.

Perhaps you want to send a loved one stationed in Afghanistan a gift. In this case, shipping to Afghanistan can actually be easier than if you were shipping products. Shipping to Afghanistan can be done care of the military to make sure your gift arrives to the soldier you want it to. Fill out all the proper customs forms and address your package directly to the soldier you want to receive it. Include such information as unit number and anything else that might help to identify them. Also, make sure that you mark the package as a gift. If the package weighs more than 70 pounds, it will not be accepted as a gift. As with commercial shipments, gifts for soldiers can take up to 21 days to reach them, so plan your gift sending.