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Shipping Household Goods to India: How to make the Move Less Stressful

When you are shipping household goods to India as part of a move, it may seem as if the stress is almost unbearable at times. You probably have thousands of details to deal with. You also have the excitement and anticipation of traveling to a new location and getting to experience another cultural site.


Whether you are shipping household goods to India or elsewhere in the world, there is probably no part of the process that is more important than pre-planning your move. First-time movers often find they are overly stressed by concerns about getting to India, only to find that some absolutely critical possession has been left behind. You can eliminate some of the worry by working with your shipping company to review guides and planning material that is provided by the company. Each move is different, so there is no way to foresee every possible eventuality, but planning and understanding those things that you CAN control will remove much of the undue stress from your move.

If In Doubt, Leave It Out

When making decisions about shipping household goods to India, probably the simplest suggestion to follow consistently is to ship only those items that you are positive you will need. You can get a fairly good idea of the things that you use on a daily or weekly basis by using tags for a few weeks as you prepare for your move. Contact other expatriates in India and ask what items them wish they had brought with them when they moved. Your own lifestyle will be the most important factor in determining what items you should be sure to include in your personal shipment to your new location.

Know the Regulations

As you prepare for shipping household goods to India, you should make certain that you know and understand the customs and declarations regulations that will apply to your possessions. You will have to pay import duties and fees on some items, and an inspection of all items is standard when shipping to India. By knowing which items are likely to be questioned, you can prepare in advance. Document purchase dates and acquisition costs to prove the value of the items that you bring into the country. This will help you to avoid excessive import duties.

Anticipate Emergencies

Using the services of a certified moving company when shipping household goods to India will help you to prevent many of the bumps in the road that can arise with a complicated move to another location. However, you should be aware that things occasionally happen that can be stressful. Be sure that you have information about who to contact in the event of problems with the move readily available. That way, even an unexpected happening doesn't have to be so traumatic.