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Countdown to moving

The countdown begins

Moving is not and should not be a last minute activity. It involves careful planning especially if you're moving permanently out of the country. Nevertheless, it is best you start planning at least 8 weeks in advance. That way you will find sufficient time to tie in the loose ends and make a smooth transition.

8 weeks from departure

Now is the time to contact good movers. You could either check for references or ask friends and acquaintances around. Start using the things that cannot be kept for long like frozen food and other food items. Also try knowing more about the country or city you're traveling to. That'll prepare you for a lot of surprises if any. Also start moving valuables such as antique items and fine art for insurance purposes.

Six weeks from D day

It is essential to determine which items in the house can be given away to charity. You could also subscribe to the local newspaper of the destination where you're moving, to have a fair idea of the local conditions there, the political and economic situation etc. This is also the time to start storing your goods if needed. You also need to start making a list of friends, relatives and acquaintances that you will need to inform about your moving.

Four weeks before

Now is the time to start filling out cards by getting a change of address kit from your local post office. Try and find out transportation methods for your pets as well as your plants. You also need to get your utilities disconnected such as gas, electricity, oil, water, telephone, cable TV, trash collection etc. However please don't stay cut off from the world on moving day - therefore ensure your phone line and utility items remain connected till you move out. You can purchase special packing boxes from your local mover in case you decide to pack by yourself.

Three weeks to go

Make travel reservations for a day or two in advance of the actual date so that in case of any unexpected delays you still are not affected. Find an insurance company to take care of automobiles, home insurance or even your ife insurance. Close all accounts at the bank (if you're moving out of the city or country). Make a file of all important documents you just cannot do without such as insurance papers, stock, will, deeds etc.

Two weeks

You need to check the condition of your car at this stage. Check if any repair and maintenance needs to be done or if sufficient fuel is there or not. Also make sure your car is geared to meet any unexpected weather conditions in the destination city.

One week before moving

Now is the time to set aside a box which will contain essentials you will need as soon as you land in the destination. Drain all garden hoses of water as well as the lawn mover of water. Settle any bills with the merchants in your area. Take your pets to the vet for immunization etc.