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Shipping Household Goods Overseas: Dos and Don'ts

Shipping household goods overseas may not make sense from a dollars and cents standpoint, but having familiar items in new surroundings can help make the transition between countries less traumatic. Here are a few more simple tips to remember when you are planning a major relocation.

Do Plan Your Move

Before shipping household goods overseas, every stage of the move should be recognized and charted from on a timetable. In addition, you should list and prepare for tasks that are associated with the move, such as deciding which items will be stored while you are out of the country, or whether you prefer to donate or otherwise dispose of your current possessions. In many instances it is less costly to purchase large or heavy household goods at your destination, rather than to pay the cost of storing and/or shipping household goods. Working with the shipping company to help you determine relative costs can help to make your move less costly.

Don't Ship Frivolous Items

While you may think it would be easier just to box up everything when shipping household goods overseas, this is rarely a good idea due to financial reasons, even if your organization is paying the cost of the move. You should ship only the items that you are likely to really need during the first 2-3 months after you arrive at your overseas destination. This practice allows you to have the opportunity to reduce the amount of 'junk' that most individuals accumulate during time spent in a location.

Do Arrange Contact Changes

It's important that you remember to make all the needed notification changes prior to shipping household goods overseas. This is valuable for notification of friends and relatives, but is also important in the event of business contacts. Correct address listings at both the origination and the destination ends of your journey allow you to keep track of finances, taxes and other paperwork associated with your previous location.

Don't Neglect Time to Settle In

The task of shipping household goods overseas is not complete until you have unpacked goods, arranged them to your satisfaction and are able to find an item when you need it. If possible, you should try to avoid taking on work or school responsibilities immediately after your move to the overseas location. Give yourself time to put your household goods in their new locations and to purchase or borrow any items that you may have elected not to ship.