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Ship to the UK

If you are contemplating a move to Great Britain or Ireland, you may be overwhelmed with the logistics of it. Moving overseas doesn't have to be scary, especially if you research the move and shipment. Being very organized will also help an overseas move to go smoothly. Follow these important tips to help you get started on the research and organization.

Ship to the UK Tip #1: Compare the cost of shipping verses buying when in Great Britain. Very often, the things that you intend to ship can be bought in England or Ireland. It is sometimes cheaper to buy them than to ship. Make a moving check list so that you can easily compare what should be shipped and what should be bought.

Ship to the UK Tip #2: Find an international shipping company experienced in shipping things to Great Britain or Ireland. International shipping companies can make an overseas move so much easier. Make sure you get references so that you are certain the company truly has experience in overseas moving. Additionally, it is important to get several references so that you are sure of receiving a reasonable estimate. Be upfront when hiring a moving company and ask them about hidden fees. Make sure they know your moving dates and insist that they provide you will all of the necessary fees when they give you an estimate.

Ship to the UK Tip #3: Coordinate your arrival with the arrival of your items. Getting a shipment out of customs can be tricky. Make certain that you coordinate your arrival in the UK with the arrival of your shipment, because in some locations, you have to be there to receive the shipment. Also coordinate a moving truck to help you get your crates out of customs, and decide whether or not you need a moving company to help you move in to the new location in the UK.

Ship to the UK Tip #4: Make sure that the items you are shipping will fit into the place you are moving. Getting accurate measurements of the house, apartment, or flat to which you will be moving is extremely important. You don't want to spend all of the money to ship your furniture to England only to find out once you arrive that the furniture will not fit.

Ship to the UK Tip #5: Compile paperwork and get insurance for the shipment. Paperwork is an essential part of making an overseas move, and it needs to be completely in order and complete. It is also prudent to buy insurance for you move. Some international shipping companies will offer to help you with this, but sometimes you can get a cheaper rate on your own.