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Ship To Canada

There are many products that ship to Canada. Canada has a great trade agreement with many nations, and some countries ship their products to Canada and then from there to another nation. Shipping boxes to Canada may seem like it'd be more hassle than it's worth, but it's really quite simple. Do an online search for companies that ship to Canada and you'll find a lot of very useful information.

Everything that you might want to ship to Canada will vary in price depending on the shipping company you use and the package itself. You need to take into account the weight, size, shipping speed, and number of items if you don't want to be caught by the hidden costs of moving your packages across the border. When packages are shipped to Canada, they do not necessarily move in a straight line. Packages are often bounced from shipping center to shipping center, and a good shipping company will tell you the estimated time it will take for your package to arrive at its final location. You will pay more to ship to Canada if you choose faster shipping methods and these methods can become very expensive.

Whenever you ship to Canada, you have to keep in mind the fact that you will be paying customs duties, taxes, and customs brokerage fees. These can be included in your shipping fees or your can make your customer pay them. There is an agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and because of this, it's rare that Canadians have to pay customs duties. However, if a product is shipped to Canada that was made in a different country, for example China, and this is shipped to the Canada, whoever ordered it will have to pay duties. Make sure your Canadian customers know exactly where an item came from so they are not caught off guard. Duties vary in price depending on what country the item is from.

Almost everything that is shipped to Canada is taxed at a 5% rate. Canadians also will be charged a sales tax depending on the province where they live. If your customer lives in a province with a Harmonized Sales Tax, they will be charged a flat rate of 13% rather than separate taxes. Inform your customers of this and make sure they can calculate correctly with an online calculator if you offer to pay these taxes for them as part of your shipping service.

Canada also charges a customs broker fee. Customs brokers are people who are paid to get packages across the border. They are employed by a variety of mail and delivery services and the price to use them depends upon the service you choose. Courier services sometimes include a customs broker fee in their shipping price but make sure that you check. If you are shipping to Canada and offer this service, make sure that your customer understands that the customs broker fee must be paid before they can receive their package.