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Let Someone Else Pack and Ship Household

So many times in life we scrimp and save money to save on a rainy day. We cleaned our own gutters, cut our own grass, refinished our own driveway, put siding on our own house. It is time to retire and you are moving to Florida. As you ship household items to your new home, isn't it time to relax a little?

Must-Have Stuff

As you embark on a retirement full of sun and warm weather, you realize that you don't know how you will ship household items. You also don't know which items you want to bring with you. The first step is to determine how many cubic feet will you be bringing down to Florida. An easy way to figure this out is the cubic feet calculator. This will help you really plan your move. You may want to give away or sell some items, especially if your new home has less square footage than your current home.

Packing Services

When you use a certified mover who can pack and ship household items, you are hiring the best. They have years of experience helping others like yourself move from one home to the next. They will take care in wrapping your fragile glassware as if it was their own. They will wrap your upholstered sofa with shrink wrap so it is not stained or tore during the move. All boxes will be carefully labeled for easy identification.

Loading and Unloading Services

How many times have you loaded and unloaded boxes from your house or your children' houses? You have always been the one to offer help. Let a moving company do all the heavy lifting for you. They will help ship household items and unload those items into your new abode. For all the times you have helped others, it is well deserved that you sit this one out.

Furniture Placement

When shipping household, arrange for the movers to place the furniture where you want it. Then relax on the couch and enjoy the lovely view of the ocean from your Florida home.