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Household Shipping Companies: Picking the Right Company

Household shipping companies often run a slightly different type of operation than do freight company operations or commercial transport organizations. The principles of customer service and knowledge of all facets of the shipping process are still paramount amongst those businesses who want your patronage. Other essentials for providing the best type of help in moving your possessions include trained personnel, operations in the area of the move and safe equipment and handling practices.

Personnel Training

Top-rated household shipping companies understand that friendly and knowledgeable personnel are a key factor in establishing and maintaining a good reputation. Satisfying customers is more than just picking up a few boxes or crates and offloading the same items at the destination. Personnel of the best moving companies are prepared to answer questions about documentation, packing materials, shipping times and many other factors involved in a successful move. They are also trained to work safely in order to prevent injury to themselves or damage to your precious possessions.


It is apparent that the location of any household shipping companies that you might be considering is an important component of the selection process. Some companies emphasize domestic shipments; others are better equipped to handle complicated international moves with flair. Obviously if you are planning an international move, you will need to find a shipping company that is equipped to answer your questions correctly and to anticipate those questions you may not be aware of.

Equipment and Handling Practices

Review the credentials of household shipping companies in regard to their equipment safety and the handling practices that they promote. You can ask questions of the sales representative about the age of the equipment that will be used and about the training in safe work habits that employees receive. The service representative should be proud of the service record of the company. Another place to check in the United States is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or similar consumer organizations.

Customer Service

Household shipping companies that you are considering to coordinate your local or international move should have a great customer service attitude and performance record. You can use your favorite search engine and type in the name of the business in the query box. Negative press usually shows up on the response page, sooner or later, on the internet. Professional organizations often monitor the activities of their members to uplift higher standards and public opinion for all the members.