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Cheapest Way to Ship International

International trade is an important part of the global economy. Shipping boxes to any part of the world can get expensive but there are ways that you can keep your costs down and find the cheapest way to ship international. What one person suggests as the cheapest way to ship international may not work for your company. While many say the standard post is the cheapest other methods may suit your company better. These money saving moving tips can help you to find the cheapest way to ship international that will work for you.

1. Keep packages small.

One way to save money when shipping is to keep your packages as small as possible. No matter what shipping service you use, the smaller the package the cheaper the shipping. Use only what packing materials are absolutely necessary and avoid adding little gifts or sweets. Many customs officials will not allow sweets like chocolates because of drug trafficking, so your package may never arrive. Gifts and sweets add weight that will drive up your shipping cost. Packing small items inside of larger ones will also help keep your shipping costs down.

2. Air or Sea?

What is your company shipping? If you are shipping cars, you have no choice but to transport by boat and just have to find the cheapest, most reliable company. If you are transporting textiles or toys, you have the option of choosing to use boats or airplanes. Both methods are equally reliable, though planes tend to be a bit faster. The price varies depending on what you are shipping, so check into both methods. You may find that the cheapest way to ship international for your products is by air and then you'll know what to look for in a shipping company.

3. Full Service vs. Self Service

Shipping companies all offer a variety of services. Full service companies will pick up your shipment and deliver it safely at its destination. Some of these companies will even offer to pack your shipment for you and handle all the customs paperwork. This comes at a pretty hefty price, though that may be the way for you to go if your company can't handle everything you have to do to ship.

Self service would save you a lot of money. You would pack everything yourself. Use the tips about packing mentioned above to help save on costs. You would fill out your own customs forms and you can get those from any shipping company that handles international shipments. Then you would hand the shipment over to a shipping company who will just make sure it arrives where it is supposed to. With this service, you save on the fees for customs brokers, form handling, and packing.