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Cheapest Way to Ship a Car

Many this people in this ever changing economy are making decisions to move considerable distance from their homes. Some individuals are retiring to states across the country, while others are taking jobs overseas because it is the only place they can find employment. Whatever the reason for such a move, people need information on how to ship the things that they depend on every day to their new location. Shipping a car seems like it would be one of the most complicated parts of a long distance move, especially if the move is overseas. While shipping a car is expensive, there are ways to save money. Research for the specific vehicle and location is essential, but following these tips can provide a good start to knowing how to ship a vehicle cheaply.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Tip #1: Find an interstate or international moving company. Sometimes an interstate moving guide or an international moving guide will give you some ideas for companies. It is important to get several estimates on shipping your vehicle to make sure that you are getting the lowest price. You do not want to sacrifice service for price, so also check references on the shipping companies to make sure you are also going to get quality service.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Tip #2: Compare the price of shipping to the price of buying a car at your final destination. While this will not be the case for people moving to another state, it may be cheaper to buy a car than to ship it if you are moving to another country. Some countries have very strict regulations on who can import cars into their country, and often times, the restrictions will not allow you to ship a car.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Tip #3: Drive your car to the port of exit. If you are able, driving your own car to the port where the ship will take it overseas can save money. Most shipping companies will transport the vehicle from your current location to the port, but they charge for this service. Check with the shipping company to find out their charge for getting your car to the port.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Tip #4: Make sure you uncover the hidden costs of moving a car. Often, the car shipping companies will add on extra, or hidden fees, that they do not include in the original estimate they provide you. Ask about extra surcharges, or insurance before you commit to using the shipping company you have chosen. You need to know all of the costs required to ship the car upfront so that there are no hidden fees.