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Preparing Your House for Sale

An important step in selling your house is in actually selling your house. To accomplish this, look to staging your home. By staging your home you are looking for that home buyer who imagines themselves in your home by seeing how upscale and inviting your home will make sure that buyers line up at your door. To make staging a success in your home, follow these simple guidelines:
  1. Disassociate yours elf from your home by simply repeating to yourself "this is not my home, it is only a house and is similar to selling something off of a department store rack". Let go of emotional attachments you have to your home, picture yourself handing over your home keys to another happy family, say goodbye to all your rooms in your house and look forward to a new future in another new home.
  2. De-personalize by taking out all of the personal belongings inside of your home such as family photographs. This ensures that people don't see your family living in your home, but, their family living in your home.
  3. De-clutter, de-clutter and de-clutter! Get rid of everything in your home that has not basically been used in over a year. Odds are, if you haven't used it, you won't use it and think about having a garage sale or donate these items. Remove all your books from inside bookcases, pack up all your knickknacks and small items. Keep your daily items in a small box to be packed away after using so there is no clutter on the countertops.
  4. Rearrange all the bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets as buyers love to snoop and look in all the closets and inside cabinets. Think about organizing all the items in the cupboards and closets by doing such things as alphabetizing spice jars, stacking dishes, turn all the coffee cups in the cupboards to face in one direction, hang and button shirts together and line up shoes in the closets.
  5. Rent a storage unit to store all the items you packed up and will be moving to your new home. Remember, the fewer pieces of furniture in your house will not only make each room look bigger, but will give the perception of a neat and tidy household and that a lot of care goes into keeping it that way.
  6. Remove and/or replace your favourite items. If you don't want something to stay with your home, such as draperies, etc. remove them prior to showing your home and signing any offer to put your house up for sale.
  7. Make minor repairs such as: replacing cracked floor or counter tiles, patch holes in visible areas like the walls or ceiling, fix any leaking faucets, fix the doors that simply do not close properly or stick, repaint your walls in warm and neutral colours, replace burned out light bulbs and make sure all bedding is fresh and the linens are neat and made tidy.
  8. Make your house all fresh and sparkle! Clean up all countertops and floors.
  9. Go outside your front door, after doing all these items on the list, and enter your home as if you've never been there before. Be extremely vigilant in looking your home over as if you were the potential buyer.
  10. The last item that many home sellers forget to do is check the curb appeal of your home. These means keeping the sidewalks clean and clear of debris, mow your lawn, trim the hedges, change the outside light bulbs, plant vibrant and colourful plants. A good colour is yellow, as yellow invokes a buying emotion and the most inexpensive flower is the marigold.