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Moving Timetable - 3 Weeks before Moving Date

  • Confirmation of the moving schedule should be done so as to enable you to review any changes like changes in the dates of your move or changes of the packing requirement or the addition or subtraction of items from the planned items to be moved.
  • The packing requirements should be clearly demarcated so that you are aware of the number of items to be packed by yourself and the rest of items to be handed over to the movers for professional packing
  • Vehicle transfer can be done through the movers or auto transport carrier for which you will have to make your final reservation for a car pick up.
  • Houseplants might have to be given to charity or friends if the moving is across states as some state laws prohibit the moving of houseplants.
  • Pets are an equally important part of the transfer and hence before the actual move will be done, the pet should be given a thorough examination by your veterinarian to ensure proper health certificates etc as certain states might require these documents.
  • Valuables will need to be carried with you when you do the actual moving. So you should plan accordingly and should always have a final check to ensure that all the valuables including jewelery has been taken with you.
  • Any Pending work such as returning a library book or collection of items which were given for laundry or repairs etc. should be done three weeks in advance.
  • If the building in the new location has an elevator, you should ensure that the same is in working condition especially on the moving day so as to facilitate the moving process.