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Normal transit time for vehicles is usually 8 to 10 business days provided that two weeks prior notice of shipment dates is given. Transit times also depend on the actual route. Normally a 3 business-day window to schedule the pick-up/delivery date is preferred by the transporters. As the pick-up/delivery date comes closer, you'll receive a confirmation call informing you of the date and time.

The transit time given is estimated on standard transport time but the delivery may sometimes be earlier or later. The delivery also depends on when your vehicle was loaded. If your vehicle was loaded first, then it will possibly be unloaded last and hence there will be a delay in delivery. It may take around 2 weeks in such cases. In case your vehicle was loaded last, it will be unloaded first and you have chances of getting your vehicle delivered earlier. Take these things into consideration when you arrange to transport your vehicle.

Your shipment will be scheduled as per the dates on your order form once your order has been placed. You'll be assigned a truck and then the truck driver may contact you to schedule the pick-up or delivery time and day.

During the pick-up of the vehicle, a detailed inspection of your vehicle will be performed. The status of your vehicle is noted on the bill of lading on which you are required to sign an acknowledgement. Upon delivery, the same inspection will be performed and any damage caused to your vehicle will be noted and signed by the driver. This helps in claiming for any damages caused. In case the damage is not noted or signed by the driver at the time of delivery, no claims will be honored.