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Tips for Military Shipping Household Goods

Military life sometimes involves moving to another base. When going through the process of military shipping household goods, attention to restrictions is very critical. Selecting a reliable moving company that will treat your items with care will make the move successful and stress-free.

Item Restrictions

When moving military shipping household goods, there are items that may not be included. This includes: live animals, privately owned live ammunition, personal baggage which is normally carried at no charge by commercial airlines, perishable foods and plants as well as hazardous materials such as solvents and flammable or corrosive materials. Your command's PPSO can give you a complete listing of unauthorized or restricted items.

Weight Limitations

The government places a weight limitation when you are military shipping household goods. The weight limit is dependent upon your pay grade, whether you have family members and the location of your new assignment. Separate your professional items and authorized consumables from the rest of your household goods. The weight of these items is listed on the inventory, but not counted as part of your weight allowance. For example, personnel in Category E-4 and below with dependent have a weight limit of 8,000 pounds. A single military personnel in Category E-4 single has a weight limit of 7,000 pounds. For an easy way to estimate weight of your household goods, use the cubic feet calculator.

Pick the best movers

Of the utmost importance when military shipping household goods is to select the best possible moving company. Ask for referrals from friends, relatives and co-workers. This is not the time to try a new company. You want established companies because this signals that they are still in business due to excellent customer service and repeat service.

Arrange for a walk-through inspection

Contact your movers and ask if a representative can do a walk-through inspection. Point out any items that need special care. The moving company representative can also make suggestions about organization of the boxes. He is an expert in military shipping household goods. He also understands the most efficient way to move and can offer you tips so the move goes smoothly.