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The Process of Container Shipping Household

When you have a large volume of items that needs to be moved, whether to a new state or overseas, there is an option for you. Container shipping household is ideal as a way to ship items in bulk.

Certified Mover

Many times moving can be chaotic. There are boxes everywhere and you have so many items that one truck will not be able to carry it all. You worry that some of your items will get lost. Contact a certified mover and be assured of professional pickup and delivery of all your items. Remember that certified mover is members of the American Moving and Storage Association, an organization that is knowledgeable in tariffs and rules declared by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Choose a certified mover when going through the process of container shipping household.

Types of Containers

There are two types of containers that are used for freight travel. The first container shipping household is the 40' container. It measures 39' 3/8" length x 7' 8- 3/8" width x 7' 9 -5/8" height. The 20' container measures 19' 5" length x 7' 8-1/8" width x 7' 9'5/8" height. All your household goods will most easily fit in one of these two sizes. Your household goods would include books, appliances, clothing and furniture.

Inside the Containers

When you use container shipping household, you can be assured that your belongings will be secure in place. Using rope, you secure each piece using hooks found inside. This prevents shifting during travel.

Shipping a Car

A car can also be shipped using container shipping household. It is important to discuss any restrictions about car shipping with your mover. Cars can be shipped by car, ship or air. Look for a specialist in this industry, either an international automobile shipping company or a car shipping company. For examples, they will know of stringent rules placed on foreign vehicles. It can be problematic when a car is left-hand-drive and the country you are moving to operate as right-hand-drive. Your moving specialists will be able to answer all your questions.