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Shipping Your Household without a Meltdown

If you are looking for a change in location due to job change, scenery change, or simply a move to a new home or apartment, shipping your household items is an important part of the move. You want your possessions to arrive efficiently and securely; it will make a huge difference in whether or not you enjoy your first few days and weeks at your new location. Read on for some tips on how to facilitate your next move.

Plan Ahead

Before beginning the task of shipping your household items and selecting moving companies, be sure to plan ahead. Determine the amount of space at the receiving end of your move will help you to determine which items need to be shipped and which ones can be stored or donated before you start your move. A complete inventory of your current furniture and other possessions will be helpful in planning. For each significant item you ship assign a location in the new space. There are software programs available that help to determine placement within your 2-D rooms for optimum visual effect and traffic flow. Your shipping company representatives can help with other details of planning your move.

Prune Your Possessions

An important part of shipping your household is to only ship those items that you reasonably expect to use within your new quarters during the first 12 months after the move. The time to determine that something is no longer needed in your day-to-day life is BEFORE you pack and ship it. You need to be ruthless about getting rid of old blenders, cell phones, VCRs and other such items that are obsolete. Donate to your favorite charity or to a battered women's shelter any items that have been unused for a set period of months. Hold a garage sale before the date of the move. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much income you can generate to help with the move costs. You can also use the cubic feet calculator.

Pack correctly

Packing items correctly is critical if you want to arrive with no breakage or spillage. Preparing for shipping your household items means acquiring the right size and type of packing boxes and keeping like items together. Use ample padding or packing material to protect again chipping and breakage of fragile or high value items.

Be Sure to Label

Preparation for shipping your household items means labeling boxes and crates correctly so that movers and family members know where boxes are to be placed in the new quarters. Knowing that a particular box contains your dinnerware or your coffeemaker can help to make the transition into the new space less traumatic. Box labels will help you to prioritize the unpacking process so that critical items are available quickly.