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Shipping to Turkey

Shipping to Turkey is surprisingly easy. Deciding what will be shipped and how best to ship it is just a portion of the process. Determining how to comply with customs regulations in Turkey is the other part of the process of shipping to Turkey. As with shipping boxes to any part of the world, it seems like this would be a complicated task, but in reality, moving overseas doesn't need to be scary. Follow these tips for shipping to Turkey, and the move there will be successful.

Tip #1 for Shipping to Turkey: Determine what needs to be shipped. Will the items be contained in crates? Does a vehicle need to be shipped? Is a pet going to be sent to Turkey? Once the determination of items has been made, the shipping decisions become straightforward. Shippers should take note that, if they are shipping electronics to Turkey, customs requires that the number of electronics shipped be appropriate to the number of people in the household.

Tip #2 for Shipping to Turkey: Find an international moving company. Finding several companies familiar with shipping to Turkey is the best way to choose your movers. Give each company your list of items that need to be shipped, ask them for references of people for whom they moved, and check their reputations over the Internet. A company familiar with shipping to Turkey should also be able to provide you with an international moving guide. Of course, cost is a consideration. Try to find the most experience moving company that offers a reasonable rate to move.

Tip #3 for Shipping to Turkey: Prepare the customs documents. The papers required for the shipped items to enter Turkey depend upon the immigration status of the shipper. Valid visas, passports, and other documents are required and should be in proper order. If a pet is shipped, the animal must be accompanied with a health certificate. If a vehicle is shipped, the shipper must be there to receive the vehicle. If the documents are not presented in the appropriate manner, the items will not be released from customs.

Tip #4 for Shipping to Turkey: Prepare the items for shipment. Valuable items should be removed from vehicles. Crates should be packed with enough padding so that items are not damaged during the move. Many international shipping companies have custom designed crating systems for packing furniture and appliances. Some companies will even pack the items to be shipped to Turkey.

Shipping to Turkey does not have to be an overwhelming experience. Many international moving companies are knowledgeable about shipping boxes, crates, pets and vehicles. However, even with the most reliable of companies, it is prudent to purchase insurance for the move. With some research and preparation, shipping to Turkey can be a successful process.