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Shipping to Italy

We all know that Italy is the birthplace and/or beginning of many a cultural phenomenon that has literally taken the world by storm. This includes the foods that Italians are well known for as well as their very distinct style of cooking as well as the artwork and national monuments that Italy has become very well known for (the Leaning Tower of Pisa) and their makes of automobiles that have been exported all over the world. When you are moving to Italy for professional or personal reasons you will need to follow all of the applicable Customs laws when shipping to Italy.

These laws are in place for many different reasons and cannot be circumvented just because you do not to have to deal with going through Customs once you arrive in Italy. The only possible way that you would be able to avoid having to wait out the specific Customs Inspections of your belongings in the shipping to Italy process is to not bring anything more with you than you absolutely have to have to maintain decency (clothing and personal grooming items).

This is actually not that bright of an idea because it could end up costing you more money to buy everything that you want and/or need in terms of household goods once you are in Italy. You might as well make sure that you pack all of your personal items and household goods carefully and make sure that you create specific itemized lists of what is I each box so that you can get to things that might be questionable very quickly. No one ever said that the process of shipping to Italy was going to be fun, but it might be easier to get through if you pay attention to the rules and Customs laws.

Thos of you that think that you can get around all or some of the Customs laws when shipping to Italy need to remember that there is no such thing as being able to "get around any of the rules and laws when you are coming into the country. This is actually something that applies to each and every country across the globe although each country is going to have different requirements and Customs laws. You will find out that there are many things that are prohibited or outright not allowed in different countries for their own reasons, which you will have to respect when you move there.