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Shipping to Indonesia

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia. It has 17,000 islands, but there only 6000 islands with people living on them. Because of this, the geographical beauty of Indonesia is something to behold. In the past, quite a bit of terrorist activity had been occurring there, but in 2008, the United States lifted its travel ban on the country and more and more people are flying there for vacation. Also hit hard by natural disasters in the recent past, many people have been traveling there to help with relief efforts. Long term help is apparently needed here so that relief efforts continue. If you are getting ready to live in Indonesia full time for humanitarian efforts, you may be trying to figure out how to ship your things there. Here are some tips that may help you get started.

Shipping to Indonesia Tip #1: Get details on your living conditions Knowing where you will be living is very helpful to knowing what you need to ship to Indonesia. Additionally, if your living conditions will be limited, you are going to need to limit the amount of items that you take. And as with shipping boxes to any part of the world, the less you take, the cheaper it will be. Also know that there are things that you can buy in Indonesia that will suffice as substitutes. Sometimes buying the substitutes is less expensive than shipping.

Shipping to Indonesia Tip #2: Figure out how your items are going to get there If you have to ship furniture, you are going to need to hire an international shipping company to help you. It is of utmost importance that you hire a shipping company that has moved people to Indonesia before. Steer clear of companies that cannot provide references for other moves they have done to Indonesia. Get several estimates so that you make sure you are getting a reasonable price on shipping to Indonesia.

Shipping to Indonesia Tip #3: Decide how you are going to get your items from customs to your new home Ask the moving company if they will meet you and customs and get your things to your dwelling. If they do not offer that service, you are going to have to find another moving company that will move your shipment from customs. Additionally, if you are going to need help moving your household goods into your new home, you will have to arrange to hire people to do that as well.

Shipping to Indonesia Tip #4: Make sure your paperwork is in order Getting your shipment from customs in Indonesia is a several-step process. Be completely sure that your paperwork is complete and in order before you try to get your shipment.