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Shipping to Egypt

Egypt is a beautiful country, rich in history and culture. Known throughout the world for their friendliness to tourists, Egypt is a welcoming place for westerners to live. Egypt is also an inexpensive place to live, as the cost of living is low. Companies sometimes offer to send people to work and live there, and if your company has proposed this to you as an option, you may want to consider it. If you are having trouble finding work in the United States, Egyptian schools are always looking for people to teach English and you may be able to find a teaching job without too much trouble. Even if you aren't an English teacher, you may be able to use your English speaking skills to find a job. Unlike other overseas countries, Egypt welcomes foreigners to live and work there.

Once you decide to move to Egypt, you will need to move your household goods there. Moving overseas doesn't need to be scary. Follow these tips and your move to Egypt will be a success.

Shipping to Egypt Tip #1: Talk with people who have experience with shipping their household goods to Egypt. Ask them for tips on what went well with the move and what could have gone better. Get referrals of the moving companies that they used and approximate prices.

Shipping to Egypt Tip #2: Contact reputable international moving companies that specifically have experience with shipping to Egypt. Countries have different regulations and you need to choose a company that is extremely familiar with Egypt's regulations. Make sure that you receive an international moving guide from the company.

Shipping to Egypt Tip #3: Decide what of your household needs to be shipped to Egypt. Because the cost of living is so reasonable there, it may be cheaper to buy things like furniture once you arrive in Egypt rather than shipping them. Note that Egypt will not allow cars over three years old to be shipped. Owners of vehicles will have to pay high taxes and deal with strict regulations. Consider any available public transportation where you will be living in Egypt before you decide that a car is a necessity.

Shipping to Egypt Tip #4: Determine how you are going to pack your boxes. Packing for a move can be cumbersome, so check with your moving company to see what their rates are for packing. If you need to save money, packing your own things is a significant cost savings measure.

Shipping to Egypt Tip #5: Find out how your boxes and crates are going to get to the port your moving company specifies. Sometimes moving companies require you to get your items to the port of exit. Other companies include that as part of their moving package.