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Shipping of Household Goods: Deciding What to Ship

Regardless of where you are moving and which shipping company that you elect to use, shipping of household goods can be a significant part of the entire process. You must decide whether to leave behind many items, some of which may have significant sentimental value to you.. You must decide the significant goods that you will ship, and for each person, priorities will vary.

Books and Electronics

Shipping of household goods in the category of books and electronics can depend on your purpose in going to the new destination. Obviously, if you love to read, only read English and are moving to a non-English speaking country, favorite books may be important to you in spite of the weight for shipping. Electronics items are sometimes a problem as well, because of different electrical power supply provisions in other countries. Some equipment may not work at all, so it is important to check power needs and systems on such items as televisions, audio equipment, telephones and computers.

Clothing and Bedding

Replacing clothing and bedding can be a significant expenditure if there are several family members who need to be clothed. Shipping of household goods such as bedding, linens and clothing may be more costly than replacing the items once you have relocated. A move to a new location may mean a change in clothing styles and needs, so paring down a wardrobe before leaving can make good fashion sense as well as good economic sense. Unneeded items can be donated or discarded through a garage sale.


If you prefer a particular style of furniture that may not be available in most parts of the world, it will affect the decisions you make about shipping of household goods. You may own expensive or custom made furniture pieces that you want to include in the furnishing of your new location. In deciding whether or not to ship furniture, the cost of shipment must be weighed against the cost of replacing the items when you arrive at your destination. If you plan to purchase large heavy pieces in the new location, you must also consider how delivery will be accomplished. If you are uncertain about the space you will be occupying, that can be another factor in deciding whether or not to ship your furniture or store it.

Appliances Large and Small

Many people in the United States are very dependent upon kitchen appliances for food preparation. For example, most households own a coffeemaker, microwave oven, toaster and blender of some type. Decisions about whether or not to plan on shipping of household goods of this type will depend upon the power supply needs of your specific appliances. Many times, items purchased in the United States will not operate correctly in other countries where the power systems are different. If you elect to ship such items to your new location, be aware that converters may be required for optimum operation.