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Shipping Household Items to India Efficiently

If you are one of the fortunate individuals who has chosen to work and live in India, you are probably wondering how to arrange for shipping household items to India. With preplanning and careful attention to detail, you can prepare and ship items without the concern of damage, loss or misdirection of the shipment.

Get Help from a Qualified Shipping Agent

Choosing a shipping agent for shipping household items to India is not quite the same as a move across town or even across the country. An international mover must coordinate shipping schedules, customs arrangements as well as paperwork declarations for your shipped items. You should select an agent who has experience in international moves, preferably with an office in the destination country. Once the dates of your move have been firmed up, select an agent and the balance of your move will go much more smoothly.

Identify and List Qualified Items

The first step when shipping household items to India is to make detailed lists and plans for the items that will be shipped. Not only is it important for identifying the scope of your move, but you will need precise listings of the items in order to clear customs expeditiously. When you move to a very different climate and housing arrangement, it is common to find that some of the furniture and other household items don't fit the new quarters very well. It is best to only ship those items that you feel you absolutely must have in order to be comfortable during your early months in a new country.

Prepare your Paperwork

Prepare the necessary paperwork for shipping household items to India in order to reduce the potential for mix-ups when you arrive in India. In addition to passports and visas for all family members, moving to India requires an itemized inventory with valuation in English, an Indian Customs Declaration Form and an insurance policy. Diplomatic shipments require Indian Duty Exemption Certificates.

Be Aware of Timing Restrictions

Shipping household items to India requires observance of timing restrictions. Used items have to have been owned for at least one year prior to shipment in order to get a reduction in duties. Your items shipped by sea must be shipped within 30 days of your arrival in India. If they are shipped by air, the deadline is 15 days.

With a moving checklist, many of the tasks involved in your move can be checked off. You can add to or change items on the list to fit your own move details. Preparing a detailed list with the help of your shipping agent will help you avoid missed deadlines, paperwork or worry about the location of your precious possessions.