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Shipping Household Items: Good Friends

Your husband has been with the bank for fifteen years. He was driven to climb the corporate ladder. You, as his wife, have been so proud of him. Today he came home and said he received a promotion as a regional vice-president. You will be moving and shipping household items in three months time.

Discussing the move with the kids

Sometimes moving can be hardest on kids. You and your husband need to prepare your children for the moving and shipping household items process. Explain that daddy has gotten a new job and that you move together as a family. Allow the kids the opportunity to express their feelings, whether it is anger or tears. This is a natural reaction and not one that children should be punished for to ease the guilt of the parents.

Leaving Family and Friends

Just as the children will miss their friends, you and your husband will miss your family and friends. In fact, it may help your children to see that you both have the same feeling that they have. It will bind the family together during this shared experience. As you go about preparing for the process of shipping household items, allow the children time to visit with friends and stay over at friends' houses.

Change is Inevitable

As the time for the move draws nearer, allow the family to talk to the movers as a unit. They will understand that many others have survived the packing and shipping household items and moved away from friends. The mover can offer packing tips so that their precious items arrive safely at the new home. Children will begin to adjust to this change.

New Beginnings

After shipping household items to the new house, you have been there for a year. The kids have adjusted well. They keep in contact with their old friends but have also emerged with new friends and new activities to keep them busy. You call your friends from the old neighborhood and are planning a reunion in the fall. You and your husband have forged new friendships as well.