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Shipping Household Goods to Germany

Although shipping household goods to Germany often happens in military families, it is not the only reason for relocating to this European location. You may be heading to Germany to study the language or pursue graduate education at one of the fine universities. You may be in charge of a German branch of one of an American business. You may have purchased investment or retirement property in Germany and you are ready to move to your new home.

Customs Considerations

When you are shipping household goods to Germany and you are ready to collect them you will need some obvious documentation in order for the pick up process to go smoothly. You will have to prove that you are the person who owns the goods and that you have the authority to accept them from the customs officer. You will need to be prepared for duty fees, taxes and assessments if any. Working with the shipping company will help to avoid any nasty financial or otherwise surprises.

Shipping Electrical Appliances and Electronics

You should review the power needs of your computers, small appliances and other electronic equipment, as they may require a converter in order to run properly. When shipping household goods to Germany, it is frustrating at best to pay the cost of shipping your technological toys, only to find that differences in electrical power supply does major harm to the components. In some instances you will be able to use a simple converter; other electronics will require a transformer.

Using Shipping Containers

Depending on the number and size of the household items you intend to ship, you may be able to choose between various types of shipping containers. When shipping household goods to Germany along with an automobile, you may choose to acquire one of the large shipping containers, but you may have additional paperwork and bureaucratic processes to complete at each end of your journey. Smaller shipments will use packing boxes or crates, but require a different type of handling than the large seagoing transport containers.

Prioritize your Unpacking Process

In order to have the least possible amount of 'making do' upon your arrival in Germany, you should plan your packing with a consideration of how you will be unpacking in Germany. When shipping household goods to Germany it is likely that the things you use most often in the United States will be those that you will need first when you arrive at your destination. Be sure to label items that are high priority so that you can unpack those items first.