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Shipping Household Goods to Europe Doesn't Have to Be a Painful Experience

There are many reasons why individuals and families determine a need for shipping household goods to Europe. The move can be associated with work, education, retirement, learning a language or just a desire to see what life is like in another culture. Regardless of the reason for relocating to Europe, you can plan your move so that it is a relatively painless experience.

The Importance of Planning

The trained personnel at the shipping company are available to help you in the details of shipping household goods to Europe or anywhere else in the world. You can find guides to shipping your possession online or through working directly with shipping company staff. It is important to review such factors as customs requirements, weight and value requirements, any prohibited or restricted items and any time limitations for shipping. A detailed action plan will help to guide you through the process with the least possible disruption to your necessary activities.

Working With a Shipping Company

When you select a company for coordination of shipping household goods to Europe, you expect to get an organization that will provide trained people to answer the many questions that are sure to arise. In addition to providing the level of packing and transport assistance that you choose, a helpful and professional shipping company will be available to fine tune the details of labeling, shipping schedules and storage, if required on either or both ends of the move.

Ship, Store or Donate?

Ultimately, you will still have to make many critical decisions when shipping household goods to Europe. Only you can decide if the antique dresser and family heirloom should be shipped to your new location, stored in a commercial location, housed with another family member awaiting your potential return, or sold on consignment at the local antique store. Some individuals choose to make a complete break with possessions from the current location; others prefer to be surrounded by familiar household items in a new location. The cost of shipping items can be higher than the cost of replacement in Europe, so that is a factor that must be taken into consideration.

Dealing With Customs

When shipping household goods to Europe, or elsewhere in the world, care should be taken to understand the requirements of customs in the destination country. Valuations and declarations are similar to each other in most of the Common Market countries, but you should still make certain that you have completed the necessary documentation before your goods are shipped so that the process of picking them up in Europe will go smoothly.