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Shipping household goods to Australia

Are you looking to find information about shipping household goods to Australia because you are simply curious or because you are going to be re-locating there for work? If this is what you have in mind there are a few things that you will need to be aware of right up front so that you are not take totally off guard by things that may come up as you are going about your business. One of the things that you are going to need to be aware of is that your air conditioning unit and refrigerator and even the air conditioning unit in your vehicle are going to be scrutinized because of Australia's very strict Ozone Protection and Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989.

You might be completely surprised by this regulation if you have not heard about it before you move to Australia. The reason for this is that Australia had been cracking down on the ozone emitting gas CFC that is commonly used in most air conditioning and refrigeration units all over the world. There is so much information that you will need to have and be aware of when you are shipping household goods to Australia. Are you aware that you are going to have to have certain documentation that states that your refrigerator and or air conditioning unit will be able to meet and pass Australia's strict standards?

There is a great deal of information that you are going to need to know and to be able to provide that will show conclusively that you have drained the refrigerant out of the unit and have also taken out the parts that will need to be inspected to insure that they meet the standards and rules of Australia. When you are looking into shipping household goods to Australia you will need to have an international moving company that knows all about these things.

Do you actually know what paperwork you actually need to have in order to go about shipping household goods to Australia? If you don't know which forms you will actually need to have and to fill out there is a website out there that the Australian government has online that will give you the proper information that you will need to have to ensure that your vehicle, refrigerator and air conditioning unit meet regulations. If you do not have all the proper paperwork filled out and attached to these items they will not be cleared through customs.