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Shipping Household Goods - Time to Declutter

The best strategy to use when shipping household goods is less is better. Do you really need all the stuff in your house? Before packing, consider when was the last time you used each item in your house before you place it in a moving box.

Lighten Your Load

Sometimes household goods will have a sentimental value. Instead of shipping household goods, take a picture of it. A photograph of the item may be all that is needed to remember the item instead of its physical presence. If you use it, keep it. If you don't, give it away.

Pack a Box of Basics

A common mistake made when shipping household goods is not designating one box for the most commonly used items. This is essential because when you arrive at your new home, it is calming to have the basics at your fingertips. For example, for a coffee drinker, easy access to a can of coffee, coffee filters and the coffee machine will mean the start of a great day. There are many other household essentials that you should put into this box; they will help to ease the transition from homes.

Use Specialty Boxes

Specialty boxes can be effectively used when shipping household goods. Kitchen boxes are made specifically for kitchen appliances such as toasters, blenders and coffee makers. Even crockery is a concern when moving. Your moving company can supply kitchen boxes to you; ship your kitchen items with confidence.

Importance of Labeling

Another tip when shipping household goods is to clearly mark and label the contents of each and every box. You don't want to go through twenty boxes to find your toiletries. Also, labeling will help when unpacking which can be a daunting task. It will not be accomplished in a day or probably in a week. When shipping household goods, label each box with the name of the room that the item belongs in, the specific item or items and quantity. For example, a label with dishes would have the following label: Kitchen, Lennox Bluets china, 4 sets.