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Moving with pets

A good moving guide covers all the relocation services such as hiring a mover, packing, loading and unloading, etc. There is another aspect too that needs proper care. We are talking about moving with pets, which can be quite stressful, if proper care is not taken in this regard. At Shipping and, we suggest you to make proper planning to lower down the chances of problems that your pet might create after sensing a change of environment.

Take a good look at the State Laws and Regulations regarding relocating with pets as there are certain laws to the entry of the pets in almost every state. You can learn about the particular laws from the veterinarian in the area of your new residence. You have to gather information about the regulations and license charges for the pet. The Vet will also provide a health certificate that your pet is free from any kind of infection and disease. The certificate must also feature complete description of your pet.

You have to take special care while moving different pets. For example, the treatment while moving a cat is different from moving a dog. Cats are less trustworthy than dogs and if you have cat then it is better not to let she go outside before she knows the new environment very well. These pets are very emotional and hence you must keep those things surrounding her that she used to see around her in your previous house. Give your cat some time to get used to the new setup and everything. In case of a dog, you have to take him for a tour of the neighborhood so that he get used to the new area. Just maintain the same walking and feeding schedule and your dog will cooperate perfectly to settle himself in the new residence.

Pets have a very sensitive stomach. While moving, keep stock of some fresh water as abrupt change of drinking water may create some problem in the tummy of your pet. Just before staring the trip, do not provide water or feed the pet, rather stop at regular intervals and provide some water. You can also allow your pet a short run in between your relocation.

Try to provide your pet a comfortable journey. If he/she is used to travel by car, then it is better that you hire a car during relocation (of course, if the destination is reachable by car). If you are requite to move your pet by flight, then you have to check out the rules of the airplane, pet insurance and transportation charges.

Knowing about the relocation aspects with pets is very important considering the fact that average age of pets is around 10 to 20 years, while people in America relocate every 7 years on an average. Thus, you must take proper care in this regard and give equal importance to this aspect like any other facet of your relocation process.