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Moving Day Guide

The entire process of moving is very intricate and the most difficult day is probably the moving day. Thus, preparing a moving day checklist is quite obvious to make the process smoother. Try to be present when the movers arrive, if al all you cannot make it then you must arrange for a representative who can take decision on behalf of you.

The driver must be given clear idea about the address and direction of your moving destination. Provide your contact number to the mover so that you can be contacted during the transit. Also, provide an alternate number so that you still remain accessible if one of your contact numbers does not work. On the other hand, you have to collect the name, contact number and address of your destination agent.

While packing the items, stay at home and mark each and every box with particular tags so that the items can be easily identified at the time of unloading and rearranging. Tell the moving van operator about the items that you have packed in the boxes and also show him the boxes that need special care. Inspect the items and furniture for the final time and check out all the papers and details before the van starts for the destination.

Before the moving van arrives at your place, make sure to clean the house. Search each and every corner of the house while cleaning to check out whether anything is left out.

Inspect properly at the time of loading your items and furniture. Pay due attention to the loading process of each and every items so that you can remain assured that all your items are loaded properly. When all the items are loaded, take a final look at them to confirm the condition. You can also take picture at that time so that it can serve as your verification proof if any loss of damage takes place during the transit. You must be reachable throughout the whole day and hence keep the mobile phone with you. This will help you to keep updated about the condition of the items and let you know how far the shipment has reached. You can get more details about the relocation by visiting the moving guide page of Shipping and

The driver of the moving van will get in touch with you or your agent of the new home before a day at least. When you get the confirmation from the driver, you have to arrange for proper unloading. Call up the agent and get everything in right process.

The movers after reaching your new home will ask where to unload the items and furniture. You have to decide on the unloading area before the arrival of the van. When the movers arrive you must be able to clearly instruct them where to unload the stuff. After unloading, the items need to be verified and arranged properly in your new home. In this way your successful moving process will be complete.