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Household Goods Shipping- What About the Excess?

You are moving for a position that is a 2-year contract. You have collected a lifetime of items that you are not willing to get rid of. Some are antiques, some are heirlooms. When planning your household goods shipping, also take time to consider the items left behind.

The World of Self-Storage

Self-storage is a place to store items. It can be used prior to moving or even to store items while trying to sell your house. Most real estate agents will have clients remove clutter as well as large pieces from a home to make the house look more spacious. When moving and household goods shipping, self- storage allows for great organization during a move since this detail has been taken care of.

How much Storage Space Will I Need?

You have packed what you are taking with you. You have a large inventory list of household good shipping. The Steinway piano that badly needs repair is something you would never part with. You received it from your great-grandmother who received it from her great-grandmother. One day you will have it repaired. For now you just need to make sure that it is kept safe and not stolen. Self-storage is your solution to your dilemma. You are not sure how much storage space that you need. Use the storage space calculator to make that determination.

Insure Your Stuff

Most people that the companies that own the self-storage units insure the contents of the units. It is true that there is some coverage. However, if your property is damaged or stolen, the value of the pay-off will be greatly appreciated. While planning your household goods shipping with your moving company, take the time to insure your property. Give a full inventory of items in the unit to your insurance agent.

Cost of Self-Storage

The reason you are storing these items is that you will be returning and you want to reduce the cost of household goods shipping. The cost of self-storage units include the monthly rental rates, electricity bills, environmental conditions, insurance and security related costs.