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Cost to Ship to Canada

Increasing number of people need to ship items to Canada. Companies in the United States are conducting business with companies and individuals in Canada and overseas. This is a direct result of the global economy and the rise in popularity of buying and selling items over the Internet. Some people are even moving to Canada to find employment. Others are moving back to Canada for health care purposes, and still others are retiring there to be closer to the family they left behind. Shipping things to Canada becomes essential when business sell their products to Canada or people decide to relocate there. And shipping the items comes a cost to do so. Often, the cost to ship to Canada can be high. Doing some research and becoming knowledgeable about the factors that go along with shipping to Canada can help you ensure that shipping to Canada does not become cost prohibitive.

Cost to Ship to Canada Factor #1: The shipment weight - Since shipping costs to Canada directly depend upon the weight of what you are shipping, you will want to limit the weight to the minimum amount possible in order to obtain the least expensive cost possible. This is especially true for shipping boxes to Canada that contains household goods. It is also important that you minimize the weight of furniture that is being shipped to Canada if you are concerned about keeping shipping costs down. It may be less expensive to buy furniture in Canada than it is to ship it there.

Cost to Ship to Canada Factor #2: The shipping container's dimensions - Whether you are shipping boxes of your business product or crates of furniture, the larger the dimensions of the container, the more the shipping costs will be. Packing efficiently will help to keep container dimensions to a minimum. Remember when packing household goods to put smaller things inside of larger, hollow things. This will help to take up less container space, thereby minimizing container dimensions.

Cost to Ship to Canada Factor #3: The specific destination within Canada - There is not one flat fee to ship anywhere in Canada. Shipping and moving companies charge different fees for different places within Canada. When estimating the cost of shipping goods or furniture, be sure to specify the destination to ensure an accurate cost estimate is provided to you.

Cost to Ship to Canada Factor #4: The shipping company's cost to ship to Canada - Shipping companies are not all created equal. Some companies charge extra, sometimes mysterious fees to ship from the United States to Canada. Competitors do not always have these additional fees. It is important to get different prices for your shipment to ensure you are getting the least expensive shipping charge.