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Cheapest Way to Ship

With the Internet and the global economy, more and more people are shipping items domestically and worldwide. In search of employment, people are moving to countries as foreigners and they must ship large, household goods overseas. Whether you are shipping boxes to Australia or sending a package to Arkansas, you can do things to save money when you ship. Consider these five tips for finding the cheapest way to ship your packages, boxes, crates and furniture.

Cheapest Way to Ship Tip #1: Decrease the weight of the shipment. Most often, shipping costs depend upon the weight of the container. Whether you are shipping household items to India or mailing a book to Alaska, weight matters. Do whatever you can to decrease the weight of what you are shipping. If you are moving overseas and you need to decrease the weight of your shipment, consider which items you can purchase once you arrive at your destination. Likely, it will be less expensive to buy the items there than it will be to ship them.

Cheapest Way to Ship Tip #2: Decrease the size of the shipping container. The other way to make shipping less expensive is to use smaller containers. Costs rise as length, width, and height increase, so make sure you pack your items in the smallest container possible. Remember to put smaller items inside larger items to minimize the size of shipping containers. This is applicable to packages as well as furniture moving crates. If you need to ship furniture, try to plan the minimal number of crates you will need for the amount of furniture that must be shipped.

Cheapest Way to Ship Tip #3: Minimize shipments. Packing shipping boxes efficiently is also important in minimizing shipping costs. Make sure that you are sending everything you need to send at once. Forgetting an item or two that needs to be sent will cost more money.

Cheapest Way to Ship Tip #4: Shop for free shipping offers. Do your research on companies that offer free or minimal shipping. Often, companies offer discounts in order to make them competitive to businesses offering the same service or goods. Some companies have one month of the year where they offer free shipping. If that company has what you need, wait until their free shipping month to make your purchase.

Cheapest Way to Ship Tip #5: Sign up for year long free shipping. If you make frequent purchases from a particular company, you may want to determine whether or not they offer free shipping for a one-time, flat fee. While the one-time fee can seem steep, it may be less expensive to pay that than to pay for shipping every time you need to make a purchase from that company.