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Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally

With the age of the Internet and presence of the global economy today, more business and individuals are having to shipping overseas. Additionally, the global economy is providing employment opportunities for people in countries of which they are not citizens. Whether you are a small business owner shipping your products and services overseas or you are looking at shipping household goods to Europe because you are moving there for a job, you are most likely shocked at the price of shipping internationally. There are ways to minimize shipping costs with a little research and some organization. Research and planning will greatly assist in decreasing the cost of shipping to whatever overseas country you need items to be sent. Make sure you do your research, but consider these tips for the cheapest ways to ship items internationally.

Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally Tip #1: Ship the lightest amount of weight possible. Shipping costs are based upon the weight of what you are shipping. Whether you are shipping household goods to India or shipping boxes to Iraq, the weight of the container's contents directly affects the cost to ship it. Decrease the total weight of what you are shipping as much as you can to obtain the cheapest shipping price. If you are moving overseas, research items that you can buy in your country of destination. Very often, it is cheaper to buy those items once you get to the country than it is to ship them overseas.

Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally Tip #2: Use the smallest shipping container possible. Another way to ship cheaply is to decrease the size of the shipping container. Larger containers cost more money to ship internationally. Pack the containers efficiently so that you are using the smallest container possible.

Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally Tip #3: Make a master packing list. Doing this will enable you to ship as few number of containers as possible. If you ship things and then realize you forgot items, it will cost you more money to send an additional container. Organization is the key to making sure you are not making multiple shipments.

Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally Tip #4: Research shipping companies and compare costs. International moving companies charge different rates to move household goods to different locations. You need to compare costs based on the weight you are shipping in order to get the cheapest price. Obtain quotes from several different moving companies, and make sure you are comparing quotes based on similar criteria. Only talk to reputable companies, as a company without good references will likely cost you money in the end. If you are shipping boxes internationally, also get quotes from the different shipping companies, as some charge extra fees simply because you are sending something out of the country.