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Assistance with Shipping Household Items Overseas

Whether moving overseas for short or long-term, you will need to have your household items with you. It could seem quite daunting when you are shipping household items overseas. With assistance from an experienced moving company, it is an easy endeavor.

Self-Storage for non-necessities

It can be very expensive to ship items overseas, especially if you are planning on returning to your current country someday. One option, rather than shipping household items overseas, is to consider self-storage units. They allow you to still own the items, but they are safely stored at another location until you return.


The price for shipping household items overseas varies. The options in mode of transportation are steamship or air travel. It is dependent on factors such as cargo quantity, packing services, cargo insurance, moving storage services as well as the location of the final destination. It should be noted that cargo can be measured in two ways, by weight or by volume. Your moving company is very knowledgeable about what size container you will require.

Rules and Guidelines

There are very specific guidelines when shipping household items overseas in regards to picking up the items. This process is called clearing the container. The container must be cleared with 5 to 7 days. Actually, arrangements to pick up household goods and personal effects (HHG/PE) should be set up long before the cargo arrives. If the container is not cleared within that specified time frame, you may be charged a fee for storage services. There are ways you can reduce your shipping costs.

Keeping organized by using a timeline

A key to successfully moving and shipping household items overseas is organization. Contacting and securing a trusted moving professional while determining which household goods you want to keep. Other household goods are given to charity or to family and friends. Order a change of address kit from the post office four weeks before departure. Gradually, discontinue use of your utilities. Start boxing up your household items or allow a moving company to do it for you. Stay organized by following your mover's recommendations and moving checklists.