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Piano Movers

A Piano creates beautiful music and is a precious possession. But it is huge and bulky. Due to its large size, moving a piano requires special skills that a normal moving company may or may not possess. Here are some important points to check while selecting a piano mover :
  1. Door pickup and delivery, as it is tough to collect and carry it from any other place.
  2. Timely delivery.
  3. During the pickup, shipment and delivery, you would want it to be covered properly with a blanket or anything that protects it from any damage.
  4. Friendly, knowledgeable, trained and professional customer service.
  5. Proper crating and uncrating along with proper packing.
  6. Smooth moving, so that the internal and delicate parts of the piano remain undamaged.
  7. International crating when moving overseas
There are moving companies that specialize in moving pianos, and we are here to assist you in finding professional piano movers that are the best in this field.

For this, we offer an absolutely free and no-obligation service for you.

Just fill in your requirements in our online estimate form and we will get back to you with highly competitive quotes from some of the top piano moving companies to choose from.