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Health Insurance

You have finally found the house, got the mortgage loan, and bought home owners insurance, now it is time to focus on you and your family. More times than not when you move you are moving to a different town. This means that your health insurance might change because you have switched jobs. You have a new home so you need to make sure that you can stay healthy and enjoy it. It is now time to find health insurance.

There are three basic types of health insurance PPO, HMO, and POS. Each will have there own advantages and disadvantages. Once again you will need to do a lot of research to find the best plan for you. You can get family or individual coverage.

PPO or preferred provider organizations are insurance plans that give you fixed rate coverage. You do have a network of providers that you have to choose from, like doctors on a list, but you still will have a lot of medical coverage. You don't have to stay in the network of doctors to get coverage, but, you may pay a little more if you don't.

HMO or home maintenance organizations are insurance plans that require you to choose a primary care doctor and you will need referrals to go to specialists with this type of plan. Also, if you go to a doctor outside of the network, with the exception of when y you are traveling or in the case of an emergency, HMO may not cover the costs. You may have higher co pays but no set deductibles with a HMO.

POS or point of service insurance is plans are the most flexible and expensive. You can choose your own doctors or specialists but you will pay the medical bills up front and submit the claim later.

It is up to you as to which plan you can afford and what benefits you will need most out of the plan. You will need to research carefully and compare a lot of different plans before you choose one. You can usually get free quotes on the internet or by calling different health insurance companies. You and your family need to be healthy in order to enjoy your new home.