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Auto Transport Service Options : Door to Door vs. Terminal to Terminal

Different auto transporters offer you different levels of service. It depends on a combination of various factors including how much you intend paying, how fast the vehicle needs to be shipped and the pick-up and drop-off locations. When you make enquiries regarding transporting your car, there are two main service types that you will have to choose from- terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door. The advantages of terminal-to-terminal shipping is the huge savings it offers, while door-to-door service makes the whole process of car shipping a lot simpler.

Door-to-door shipping - convenient and quick

Almost all auto transporters offer their customers door-to-door service, which means they will pick up your vehicle and deliver it to a location as near as possible to the address you have specified. This however does not mean that your vehicle will be delivered right to your door-step, as many trailers and trucks are too large to travel down residential roads that are too narrow. In that your transporter may require you to come down to a parking lot nearby where the car can be unloaded. You may to have some flexibility with the timeframe for delivery as there is a possibility of it being delayed for ay number of reasons. If you cannot take delivery of the car, make sure that an authorized representative can be present for getting the car released to your driver.

Save money with terminal-to-terminal service

Some of the larger shipping companies that deal with high volumes offer their customers terminal-to-terminal shipping at much lower rates than door-to-door. Terminals or regional storage facilities are usually situated in larger metropolitan areas. Transportation of cars from terminals are cheaper than door-to-door and is convenient for those who prefer to pick up or drop off their car at a specific time on a specific date. Once your car is dropped off it can be stored at the terminal until arrangements can be made for a driver to pick it up. Upon delivery at the receiving terminal, you will be contacted by a representative and arrangements will be made to store your car till such time as you are unable to pick it up.

The hidden costs of terminal-to-terminal

Terminal-to-terminal shipping may be cheaper than door-to-door when base prices are considered. However you should also take into consideration the cost of actually transporting the car from your house to the terminal. If there are no terminals conveniently situated at a place near your pick-up or drop-off point, you will have to have your car driven to storage facility and make arrangements to get transportation home or your could hire a towing company to take your car to the terminal and back.

Which auto transport service option should you choose?

Take your timeline as well as your budget into consideration when making decision as to which transport service option you are going to choose. At first terminal-to-terminal shipping appears to be the cheaper option, but on further thought you may consider door-to-door to be a better option despite the possible inconvenience and extra costs involved. Besides comparing quotes given to you by various moving companies, make sure you also go through all the conditions and terms stated in the contract so that you know exactly the quality of service that is being offered to you by the shipping company.