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Moving Timetable - 4-5 Weeks before Moving Date

The things to be taken into account around a month before your actual moving are given below:
  • Contact or visit your local Post Office to obtain a Change of Address form. You can also obtain this form online at the postal service website by visiting
  • You can make copies of this change of address form or make up your own change of address notice to give to the following people and businesses:
  • Classification should be done for your old and new belongings
    • This should be done to decide on the items, which are to be left at the old house and the ones, which are to be taken with you during the moving process. Some of the items that can be left behind are old books/magazines, broken items/toys etc. The point to note here is that lesser the weight of the shipment, lower will be cost of the same.
    • Your move should be planned out by making a list of the items that you will not be taking with you, the items that will be moved by the packing & moving company and lastly, the items that will be moved by yourself.
  • Packing: A decision should be made out beforehand as to whether the packing will be done totally by the moving company, or entirely by your self or whether it will be shared amongst the parties.
    • The advantage of having the packing company to do it is that they have the right supplies for a good packing strategy as well as the expertise and experience to do it right.
    • If the majority of the packing is to be done by you, we would like you to refer to our packing guide. You can also ask the moving people for details about handling items that require greater care like glass and crockery items to prepare the elaborate packing in advance.
  • Family Matters: To get the children especially the young ones involved in the process of packing and moving can be quite a learning and exciting experience for them. The packing done by the kids will need to be supervised but to allow them to suggest new ideas will enable greater involvement on their part.
  • Utility providers (e.g. telephone, gas, electric, cable TV and trash collection) should be contacted with your moving date well in advance at new and old locations so that suitable arrangements can be made for the same.
  • Arrangements:
    • Banking needs and transfers related to the old and new locations should be dealt with early on to avoid any last minute hassles.
    • If the transfer is from one state to another, the requirements for a new driver's license and registration of your vehicle should be checked up in your destination state.